Let me tell you, most things aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Falling in love with a co-worker, a neighbour,  or even going to the beach. Each new and exciting and longed for thing turns out to bring issues and discomfort that I wasn’t told about through the movies and the tv shows. It’s mighty fucked up if you ask me, and according to other peoples’ social media accounts they do not experience the discomfort that I do with rite of passage, right because you earned it, good because your life doesn’t always have to be shitty type of activities. Mind you, I’ll be the first to admit these days that I’m not actually stupid and I know that social media is a farce and on a good day I can logically apply that knowledge to the other part of my brain that thinks I’m the shittiest human to have (reluctantly, fuck exercise) walked the earth. Actually on a good day I can logically think away anything that makes me feel sad and alienated such as the fact that I am overweight, mentally ill, and too lazy to learn how to do my make up properly (or at all). But to be honest I don’t even have days like this, I more have more have moments that push me out of bed or to say something that I have otherwise been too afraid to say, or the courage to say ‘yes’ instead of ‘omg no, I’m sorry I’m so busy right now’. To have days at a time with a sound and logical mind would be to really and truly have a life.